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One Week Later's brand new album: Eclectica

Hot news: forthcoming new album release!

It's here at last! Hot off the press, our brand new album ECLECTICA will be officially released on 25th February 2022.

Eclectica is an 11 track album, brimming with creativity and inspiration and has something for everyone, from energetic, upbeat quirky songs to atmospheric ballads. It's an art-pop/rock collection of songs, penned as always by us, Richard M Smith and Jane S Broughton.

The inspiration comes from a time when the world stood still and all gigs were cancelled. The overall message is positive and aims to look towards a better and brighter road ahead.

The first single from the album, "The Right Way", is already available as a pre-release both from Amazon and iTunes. A video of The Right Way will soon be available on YouTube.

Click here on our HearNow link to sample the whole album !

One Week Later's new album, The Art Of

Biography in a nutshell

One Week Later (OWL) is predominantly Richard M Smith and Jane S Broughton. Their studio/session drummer Perky Dudley, sometimes performs live with them. Rich composes, arranges and plays all the music for guitars and keyboards. Jane writes the melodies and lyrics, and performs the vocals.

OWL has a variety of albums and EPs out on general release, including Revolving Door (EP 2013), Songs From Mars (2016), Connected (2018), Things That Make No Sense (EP 2018) and The Art Of Owl (2020). The band is currently putting the finishing touches to the forthcoming brand new album ECLECTICA, scheduled for release in February/March 2022.

We are influenced by such artists as Blondie, Future Islands, Jeff Lynne and Chrissie Hynde, but we remain totally original in writing, arranging and performing all our own material whilst pervading the art rock/art pop world. We constantly seek out and listen to new music and examine current trends to perfect our sound for the here and now but we stay true to our creative roots. Our songs are essentially alternative pop/rock, art pop/rock, combining both traditional instruments and electronics.

We have featured on the radio show "BBC Introducing", and our 2020 album "The Art Of OWL", has been showcased by Radio Lichfield, which also presented us as Artist of the Week in March 2020. We’re often played and supported by a variety of internet radio stations, including Radio Wigwam, Chief Radio Scotland, Amazing Radio, Broadjam, BuzBeats Radio and a couple of US stations, namely Good Music Radio and CBJ Radio.

Our philosophy? ALL genres of music are important! It's vital to develop an enquiring curiosity into all current music trends, whilst appreciating the exceptional wealth of former musical influences. They will always play a significant role in shaping the here and now, and help artists understand how to move forward with their "sound and vision".

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One Week Later aka OWL on YouTube

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Upcoming shows

Of course we were disappointed not to be able to do our summer gigs this year, especially the ones in France but we've used our time profitably by writing a few new numbers which we're now ready to record.

It’s vital to look ahead without dwelling on circumstances beyond our control. We're certain that 2021 will be a terrific year for new trends musically and we're looking forward to live performances real soon and performing our latest songs for you.

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