One of our tracks 'Typical' that we are preparing for our debut album in 2015 was played on BBC Radio on 27th Dec 2014. A great moment for us.

Thank you BBC Radio for your support.

Hi All, We have a few tracks to finish for our debut album, completed tracks to date that may or may not appear on it!, are Bright Skies, Darkest Before Dawn, Take 175, Leaves, Mars, Tornado, I'm Not Elizabeth Jones, Can You See The Sky?, Possibilities and new and improved versions of Typical, Revolving Door and Obsolete which we have basically re-recorded (the original versions are still available on our Revolving Door EP from this site or itunes, amazon etc). Un-mastered versions of some of the songs can be heard on our one week later soundcloud page and some clips are on our audio page. The new version of Typical is on the right to this blog.

Thanks for listening.

One Week Later: Revolving Door - EP


iTunes pulled out all the stops to get our E.P. "Revolving Door" turning round at lightening speed! Just click on the link below!

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One Week Later On BBC Radio

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